Department of Energy - Tax Breaks

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credits
Consumers who install solar energy systems (including solar water heating and solar electric systems), small wind systems, geothermal heat pumps, and residential fuel cell and microturbine systems can receive a 30% tax credit for systems placed in service before December 31, 2016; the previous tax credit cap no longer applies.

Geothermal Maine, Maine's Geothermal Connection and Authorized NORDIC GEOTHERMAL heat pump dealer. Geothermal Maine offers natural renewable energy for your home, school, and business. Geothermal or ground source technology is exciting and fast growing, but certainly not unproven in Northern Maine. Oral and Lawrence Watson became interested in the technology and attended a geothermal seminar at Ohio State in early 1980 as did, then well driller, Glenn Kaye. Mr. Kaye returned home, decided to leave well drilling, and designed a heat pump that would function efficiently in the Northern climates of Maine and New Brunswick using a groundwater temperature lower than 50 degrees. Oral installed one of Glenn's units in 1985 and his brother Jim purchased one a year later. Both families have had NORDIC heat pumps installed in their own homes for more than 20 years. The Watsons and their customers know the NORDIC brand to be one of excellence. The NORDIC Geothermal brand has gained worldwide recognition in the last 20+ years. With one of the highest COP's in the geothermal industry. NORDIC models are available in both open and closed loop design. Nordic offers a forced air ducted system, a fully radiant system or a combination of both.
See the many advantages and benefits of NORDIC by visiting the geo links page.
Pictured: Front row, center; 3rd generation, Lawrence, 4th generation, Oral, left and James L Watson, right.
Back row; Oral's son, James D. Watson, 5th generation well driller.

Watson Well Drilling was established in 1905 by the late James Watson. The company has been family run for over 100 years. James' son Ellery carried on the well drilling business and Ellery's son Lawrence joined the company after serving in WWII. Lawrence and wife Julia built Watson Well Drilling to one of Maine's largest drilling companies, operating three drilling machines statewide. In 1983 Lawrence and Julia sold to son's James (Jim) and Oral and their wives.
Currently, Oral serves as a consultant for the well drilling business as well as GEOTHERMAL MAINE. The fourth and fifth generation James' are the current drill team. Jim's wife, Rondise takes customer calls, serves as secretary, coordinates drilling and keeps "The Boys" straight.  Sometimes not an easy task...... "Aunt Ruth" Watson Williams served the family for over 25 years as "The Best Secretary in Watson History".

Both Oral and Jim Watson are certified Master Well Drillers. James D. Watson is certified as an apprentice and working on the journeyman certification. He is also IGSHPA accredited for heat pump installation. Watson's are equipped to drill domestic, commercial wells and geothermal boreholes.
All Watson wells are drilled to meet or exceed bank and State of Maine requirements.
Watsons drill each well as they would their own water well. They want customers to have a quality water well with adequate water flow to run their home, business or heat pump.
Steel casing is used with a welded drive shoe. The casing is then driven into the bedrock and cemented to prevent any surface water from entering the water well.

Watson's water pump division is fortunate to have Dana Belyea who has been installing submersible pumps for them for over 20 years. Dana is certified as a Master Pump Installer.




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